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fast smooth no trouble,ordered an account from setsuna today for global and the transaction was smooth and the exchange and had no trouble
2020-04-10, 21-09-47 PST
Excellent seller. Good communication and very quick response. Bought often and always with great result
2020-04-10, 21-08-54 PST
John Smith
BEST accounts I've ever bought. The extras not mentioned are amazing.I've bought a couple accounts and all of them have been above satisfactory.
2020-04-10, 21-06-23 PST
Mister Sinister
It took a little while because I caught the staff on a break. But I was more than happy with the contents of my purchase. Definitely worth checking out the inventory!!
2020-04-10, 21-01-53 PST
Great seller , smart fast and safe , awesome at all , and cheap ^_^ best Raid seller . Ty so much!
2020-04-10, 21-00-48 PST
Very friendly seller! Amazing account!
2020-04-10, 20-59-16 PST
Victoria Corey
Hi Grace, I am so happy hearing from you and that you found a way to supply us with HD items again. What I do miss are land deeds, markers as well as mallets, those I need very badly right now. Please, could you inform me when you have it in your list? Until then I shall enlarge barn and silo.... each day 80 pieces until done! Can one order the complete amount and receive daily deliveries? Thank you very much Victoria (farms Fantasia and Phoenix07)
2019-11-03, 21-55-39 PST
Roman Rosenberg
Great service, i got one order in two splits and some days different, but it ok, the are great, and great customer service, i want to mention Grace there, very nice and helpful, thank you and see you soon again :)
2019-10-13, 22-58-29 PST
A fantastic website with many counter measures to make sure purchase is legit. The customer service was fantastic and very understanding and was quick with responses, I highly recommend this website
2019-09-25, 17-44-30 PST
Got it! And it worked ty so much and i will be recommending this buisness to everyone i know!
2019-09-23, 17-44-54 PST
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