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Покупал уже раза два,очень оперативно работает горячая линия,все подробно рассказывают и помогают. Спасибо ребята за сайт).
2021-02-23, 18-04-04 PST
Purchased an account with Bad-el-Kazar worked perfectly without an issue at all will buy from you again!
2021-02-22, 15-04-05 PST
Sophia Smith
Absolutely amazing service. Would definitely recommend! ^^
2021-02-21, 04-14-17 PST
Manuel M Hendrix
Very great service! Very trusting and great communication!
2021-02-06, 18-04-05 PST
Corey Hogan
Very quick, solid service!
2021-02-05, 14-05-05 PST
Evg Nnnn
Great store, bought a lot of accounts to play with different characters, I'm happy !!!
2021-02-04, 15-04-05 PST
Nikita Voyakin
Great site, I bought an account and the raid played with new colors, thanks guys)
2021-02-03, 14-04-04 PST
Alexander Shirokov
The best store, everything is fair and most importantly fast
2021-02-02, 19-07-04 PST
Evgeny Shnayderman
I bought an acc, everything is as written and even more!
2021-02-02, 10-03-05 PST
Sergey Karandeev
Honest shop with good prices. I recommend
2021-02-01, 14-03-05 PST
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