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Dima Kuznetsov
I took an account for a trial first, for 400 rubles - I received it without problems, gave it to a friend. later took for 1600, still got it. a bunch of accounts, really there is plenty to choose from.
2021-01-14, 17-03-05 PST
Artem Karpovich
Everything is fine, good shop - efficiently and efficiently)
2021-01-14, 13-03-04 PST
Denis Kazakov
everything is fast and I highly recommend it!
2021-01-14, 11-04-05 PST
Natalya Masik
I took an account, I have never bought accounts before. Thanks to the support, helped with the mail and binding. Good service is always pleasant.
2021-01-13, 22-01-17 PST
Mikhail Krivosheev
thank you for your honesty and quick work
2021-01-13, 17-18-03 PST
Alexey Karpov
2021-01-11, 03-05-05 PST
Oleg Rochev
I just became one of the customers of the store, came on a recommendation from a friend. In the description it was written 6 beds - exactly 6 beds and it was, the rest did not count "Fed" for the sake of pumping ankil). In general, I am happy as an elephant is said little. Thank you. Damn, if the store had known before, it would have saved so much nerves: DDDDD
2021-01-09, 23-07-05 PST
Yuri Qiu
I bought an acc, it seems that everything is fine, let's play and see!
2021-01-09, 19-02-05 PST
Yuri Konfetov
I bought an account, thanks for the honesty.
2021-01-08, 15-02-04 PST
Yuri Sarmat
Fast and efficient. Prices are an order of magnitude lower than other stores.
2021-01-07, 14-03-11 PST
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