Guideline to start Raid:Shadow Legends

we suggest you to buy a starter account for maybe 30 bucks, saves you potential weeks of rolling and still not having it even after 10 hours a day at it. 

and we suggest martyr, big un (campaign and farming for himself to 60 then other 60s) or dutchess for cb/arena/dungeons not worth going for the voids at all since those are harder to get since voids are less common than regular lootboxes and have the same odds as ancients. 

Martyr to have half your arena team for gold 4 eventually when you start out and all dungeons covered between counterattack and support abilities and that includes fireknight ,on you will have many choice .   

And maybe you will be happy with any legendary, not hope for someone in particular. 

No offense, but if you know very little about the game yet. 

Forget about tier lists. 

Nothing against rerolling but it will most likely take (many) several tries before you even get any legendary. 

Many players have been playing for months before getting their first.  

Here is a Ranking List: