Delivery guide with hay day materials

Delivery arrangement :

First Step (choice one method from the following) :

1 .we will add you on farm tag

please let us know when you decided which way to get your order .

20175310617 (1).jpg


Tips : please give us valid contacting method like facebook or skype when you are making order .or you can contact us on livechat .

Second Step : when you have finished the first step , please come to roadshop in our farm .

1 .we will tell you the name and level of our farm

2 .please inform us when you are at the roadshop

3 .we will put on hay day materials ,priced sets in 10 coins a turn .

4 .if your barn is full .please quickly come back upgrading your barn or silo ,and then continue taking your materials in the same farm .

Tips : 10 barn sets is 10 tapes , 10 planks and 10 bolts . you should prepare 30 spaces .