Guide: Referral Program & Recall Quests


The Referral Program lets you invite your friends to play Raid with you. When they install the game via your invite, your friends will receive a special set of in-game Rewards straight away, then you will earn Referral Rewards as your friends play and level up in-game.

Inviting & Referring Friends

To invite your friends to come play Raid, all you need to do is grab your personal Referral link. You send this to your friends and they follow that link to install Raid. As soon as they finish the tutorial, they get Rewards, and you get Referral Rewards as they level up. Simple!


Receiving Rewards

Your Referral Rewards (up to Level 50)

The first 3 players that join Raid through your personal link will be added to your Referred Players List.

In order for a friend to be successfully added to the Referred Players List, they must meet the following criteria:

Raid: Shadow Legends cannot have been previously installed on the device that the player opens the Referral link on.

If the Referral link is sent to an iOS device, a popup will appear and the player needs to allow Raid: Shadow Legends to track data if they want to be added to your Referred Players List.

Then, as your friends play Raid and level up, you will receive Referral Rewards as they reach certain Level Milestones – and once you have 3 Referred Players that reach Level 50, you'll get another Reward – a Sacred Shard!

Once the first three players in your Referred Players List reach Level 50, you can add three more people to your List, gaining more Referral Rewards based on their progress as well, including Fragments of a Legendary Champion, Crohnam. If these three additional players then reach Level 50, you'll receive another Reward - an Iconic Skin for Crohnam.

Note that only new users with unique devices can participate in the Referral Program. That is, your friends need to not have registered or used an account on their devices before.

Additional Referral Rewards For Friend Activity

Above the Referred Players List, you can see a progress bar, with its own unique set of Referral Rewards. To fill this progress bar and earn those additional Referral Rewards, you need Referral Points. You can earn Referral Points when:

People on your Referred Players List level up past Level 50

People on your Referred Players List make in-game purchases after Trusting your account. All in-game purchases made with real world currency are counted. If a player on your Referred Players List has a purchase refunded, the Referral Points you received from this purchase will be deducted from your total.

Note: You can get Referral Points from the purchases made by all players who are present in your Referred Players List, as long as they choose to Trust your account.


You'll start getting Referral Points for your friends’ in-game purchases only after they Trust you. They can disable this option at any moment in the Settings menu. After this, you won't receive any Referral Points as a result of their in-game purchases.

Trust indicator

You can always see if your Referred Players Trust you. This indicator will help you understand who on your Referred Players List is helping fill your progress bar.

Your Friends'Starter Rewards

Players who install the game will receive a special set of in-game Rewards to help them get started as soon as they finish the tutorial. If they can’t find it, tell them to open the Referral Program window to claim it!

Note: This applies to all players who join through your link. Even if you've completed the Referral Program, anyone who joins through your link will still get a special Reward as soon as they complete the tutorial.

Managing Your Referred Players List

You can refer as many players as you like, but there can be only 6 players in your Referred Players List. Those 6 spots will be taken by the first players that join via your link, after the spots are unlocked.

What if a Referred Player stops playing?

If a player in your Referred Players List stops playing Raid and stops levelling up, you can remove them from your list and invite a new player to take their place.

This lets you earn the Referral Rewards that another player failed to earn, but you won't receive the same Reward multiple times. All Referral Milestone Rewards are one-time only, meaning you won't receive the same Referral Reward twice if a referred player has already earned it. You'll only start receiving Referral Rewards once a newly invited player meets the requirements for new Rewards.

Note: If you remove a player from your Referred Players List, the Referral Points you earned from their progress and purchases won't be deducted from your total.

If you have multiple spots open in your Referred Players list and a new player joins via your link, they’ll be placed in the slot with the lowest number of earned Rewards.

Recall Quests

Any player who is Level 30+ and has not logged into the game for 21+ days will receive Recall Quests from their Mentor, the Arbiter. The recalled player can complete these Quests for useful rewards

In addition, the recalled player will have access to 6 specific, one-time account Boosts. Only one Boost can be activated at a time. The Boosts are as follows:

+100% XP Boost (1 day)

Open All Potion Keeps (1 day)

Open All Faction Crypts (1 day) and get 12 Crypt Keys for every Crypt

+50% Battle Silver Boost (1 day)

-50% Gear Removal Cost (1 day)

20 Multi-Battle attempts (Instant, but will impose a 1-day cooldown)

Use these Boosts and the rewards from these Quests to take on fresh challenges!